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Bio - Phyllis Crumb, Sales, Albany

Phyl is an Army brat, born in Germany, who has lived and traveled in much of the US.  Her parents retired in Colorado Springs where she met and married her husband of 48 years, Larry.  They have a son, daughter-in-law and grandson.

Her dad and husband were in the water/wastewater business in Colorado where water is a precious commodity.  Rain is measured in tenths of inches and each drop is appreciated.  It is Phyl’s desire to help ensure that Mother Earth and her water resources are preserved for our generations to come.  She works at inside sales for a local company supplying pumps and power transmission dedicated to industry, mainly controlling water and it’s uses.

She and Larry moved to Albany 22 years ago to be closer to the ocean so that they could pursue their passion- scuba diving.  Phyl is an instructor at Adventure Dive Center and Larry is her favorite assistant.  She also enjoys kayaking, boating and camping.

Phyl is on the dive board of the Flint RiverQuarium and is an active volunteer participant in their activities. 

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