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Bio - Monique Davis, Newnan

Monique Davis

Born in East Point, GA and reared in Digby, GA on the tributaries between the Flint River and Line Creek, Mo is passionate about protecting the Flint and all feeding these beautiful living waters. Past experience as a City Council Member with the City of Williamson, included the inter-basin transfer when a water authority ran pipe through Williamson to access The Sea.  “Everyone had good intentions. We were so happy to come off our city well and provide better water to our citizens as part of the agreement.”  Hindsight 20/20, Mo remains dedicated to helping Flint Riverkeeper maintain clean waters, restore and protect the flow and prevent destruction of beauty along the Flint’s riverbanks. 

 She is the proud mother of two wonderful daughters, Elizabeth (16) and Elise (10) and volunteers her time wherever she can to leave the world better than she found it.  She is a perpetually promised member, as a lay Roman Catholic, with the Order of Preachers.  Her faith life fuels her passion for God’s creation.

 For her, it is not about what we leave the next generation, her daughters … but well beyond… their own grandchildren’s grandchildren.  


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